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Meet the Team

Ellie Porath

Director of Mentoring

Materials Science PhD

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 2022

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Claire (Charpentier) Moran

Director of Events

Neuroscience PhD

George Washington University

Neha Sunkara.jpg

Neha Sunkara

Director of Events

Computer Science Undergrad

Cornell University 2025

Olivia Reblando.jpg

Olivia Reblando

Director of Software

Computer Science Undergrad

Wellesley College 2022


Julia Kehl

Director of Marketing

Engineering Undergrad

Texas A&M University 2026


Martina Lund

Social Media Manager

Kolbe Academy 2023


Alice Stanton

Chief Executive Officer

NIA Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Fellow

MIT, Robert Langer Laboratory

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Mariana Avila

Chief Operating Officer

Mechanical Engineer

MIT 2022


Natalie Saenz

Director of Content

Chemistry PhD

Columbia University 2022

Eva Georgaklis.jpg

Eva Georgaklis

Social Media Manager

Biomedical Engineering Undergrad

Columbia University 2026


Jennifer D'Silva

Core Group Facilitator

Biomedical Engineering Undergrad

Case Western University 2025


Ellie Pinto

Marketing Contributor

Academy of Notre Dame de Namur 2023

Isabella Avila.jpg

Isabella Avila

Events Video Editor

Willows Academy 2023

D'Silva_Theresa (1).JPG

Theresa D'Silva

Workshop Coordinator

Neuroscience Undergrad

University of California, Los Angeles 2023

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Annaí Cuvelier

Video Contributor

Chemical Engineering Undergrad

University of California, Berkeley 2023


Shirley Chen

Social Media Consultant

Chemistry PhD

MIT 2024


Samantha Yang

Website Consultant

Chemical Engineering Undergrad

University of California, Berkeley 2023


Abby Power

Content Contributor

Live Oak Academy 2022


Marjorie Xie, MPhil

Resource Lead Curator

Columbia University PhD


Divya Bendigeri

Social Media Contributor

Presentation High School 2022

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Ana Fernanda Preciado

Website Contributor

Clovis North High School 2022

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