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Speakers & Advisors

Tina Seelig

America Entrepreneur

Dr. Tina Seelig is an expert in creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, author, speaker, and Professor of the Practice at Stanford University.

Maggie McCann

Maggie McCann is an MD/PhD Student at Creighton University with an MS in Comparative Medicine from Stanford.

Shirley Tilghman


Dr. Shirley Tilghman is President Emerita of Princeton University and expert in molecular biology.

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Paula Hammond

Chemical Engineer

Dr. Paula Hammond is the David H. Koch Professor in Engineering, Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT and nanoparticle expert.

Teresa Hamill

Dr. Teresa Hamill is a physicist and data scientist. She holds a PhD and is currently at Air Liquide.

Bushra Bataineh

Dr. Bushra Bataineh holds a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University and is currently working at Bechtel.

Ritu Raman

Dr. Ritu Raman, is an engineer, writer, and educator. She is a Forbes 30 Under 30 Science fellow and a Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT.

Kate Rosenbluth

Cala Health Founder/CSO

Dr. Kate Rosenbluth is the CSO of Cala Health, an engineer and neuroscientist pioneering neurological treatments.

Jane Driver

Gariatrics and Aging

Dr. Jane Driver is an oncologist and a geriatrician, working to prevent cancer and neurodegenerative disease.

Dorothy Martinez

Medicine, Endocrinology - Diabetes and Metabolism

Dr. Dorothy Martinez is an attending endocrinologist and Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA

Irene Onyeneho

Dr. Irene Onyeneho is a data scientist at LinkedIn and holds a PhD in Molecular and Cell Physiology from Stanford University.

Esther Dunn

Emergency Medicine

Dr. Esther Dunn is an ER doc at Kaiser Permanente with a commitment to whole person care. 

Ana Klimovic

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ana Klimovic works on computer systems for large-scale applications such as cloud computing services, data analytics, and machine learning. 

Sadaf Sobhani

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sobhani is a professor at Cornell and holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from Stanford University.

Assistent Professor

Assistent Professor

Shirley Gonzalez


Dr. Gonzalez is a pediatrician, obesity medicine, and napro expert  at Boston Children's Hospital.

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