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Our Story

STEMxx Chats started with the desire to bring together women in STEM driven to make a positive impact. COVID-19 forced students to return to their hometowns, but instead of seeing this as an obstacle, we saw this as an opportunity. By starting virtually, young women from all over the world could create and take part in a new ecosystem of empowerment, where high schoolers through young professionals work together and support one another. In June 2020, we launched three small “core groups” with ten young women each, created content videos, held mixers between career stages, and hosted interviews with top women in STEM. At the center of everything was genuine support and a desire to make a positive impact in the world. Our mission resonated with many people, so once the panels and interviews became public, we were able to reach over 1000 people by the end of our first year.


By the fall of 2020, we formed teams and created departments to grow our offerings and create stability for our organization. All of the original core group members took on leadership positions and gained experience managing projects. At the beginning of the summer of 2021, as society began to open up again, our core group members came together in person for the first time at our Summer Workshop & Meet Up in Boston.


We are now in a phase of honing our offerings and content, creating more resources, and developing an app for career navigation! There are many exciting projects ahead, and we look forward to seeing how the STEMxx Chats community continues to grow. Join us today and help advance our mission of propelling women in STEM to connect, impact, and thrive!

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About Our Logo

STEMxx Chats propels women in STEM to connect, impact, and thrive. Our logo symbolizes these aspects of our organization:

STEM: The Erlenmeyer flasks represent our focus on women in STEM

Connect: The flasks are being clinked together like a toast before you share a drink with a friend. Our members create meaningful connections and friendships they can count on for support through their career journeys.

Impact: While sharing a drink with a friend, you engage in conversation and share stories. The genuine dialogue and personal stories of top women in STEM make lasting impacts on our members who in turn impact society.

Thrive: A toast is often done to honor a person or accomplishment. Through our mentorship, leadership opportunities, and career navigation resources, our members thrive in careers they love.

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