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Introducing a more Personal Dimension 

Our new app in development is de-mystifying career paths by crowd-sourcing the backstories behind real career moves and professional paths, gathering the personal stories and the “what you wish you would have known.” We promote the exchange of experiences and advice in a supportive digital community and a highly-navigable, searchable database to provide perspective and share the “behind-the-scenes.”

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Why connectEd?


Elites have lots of connections. On connectEd, everyone has lots of connections


Career databases have lots of general information, connectEd has vivid, concrete, living examples

The Real Story

LinkedIn has the highlight reel, connectEd has the real story

Young students, especially those from low-income families, often lack access to high-achieving professional role models, knowledge of how to pursue career paths, and social networks that promote career success. Yet personal connections, professional examples, and access to know-how about career paths are known to be significant determinants of career success. And with the growing number of options available today, making career decisions is a challenge!


It’s super interesting and helpful to get advice from a variety of professionals who have managed their way through all the things I'm experiencing and about to experience and they all have different thoughts to share.

I love the overviews of the possibilities of the fields provided, frankness about shared struggles with imposter syndrome and positive attitude to embracing failure.

It is amazing to get access to professional women who are not only successful but good role models.

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What connectEd will include

Supportive digital community

Highly navigable and searchable database

Follow professionals and see their experiences

Professional and Personal side to Profiles

See the paths NOT taken and why

Save individual experiences to look back to later

and more!

Have an idea for the app? Want to contribute?
We’d love to hear from you!

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