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Download A Simple and Fast Way to Backup Your Instagram Posts

The purpose of this FAQ is generally to provide information on frequent questions or concerns about downloader. In case you can't find the answer for your question, feel free to ask trough email our contact page.

Igram is one of the best android app for Instagram upload which allows you to share uploaded photos or videos to any social app from Quick Save app. With this app, you can browse Instagram and quickly download photos and videos from your favorite influencers.


Download File:

With Igram, you can watch videos converted and downloaded from Instagram to your computer/mobile phone anytime and anywhere by simply copying and pasting the video/photo URL. All you have to do is use the video/photo URL to instantly download the video of your choice from Instagram. As with most apps you use to save Instagram videos, all you have to do is copy the link to the post and what you want to download.

1. Support to download videos and photos from Instagram Stories. 2. Quick Instagram Saver: one click to download. 3. Original resolution and quality to save videos. 4. Save and Download Instagram video from personal accounts. 5. High-speed & fastest download available 6. No need to login Instagram account. supports downloading videos, photos, stories, reels and IGTV from Instagram in a few easy steps. Rest assured, the tools mentioned above will help you download any Instagram video or photo you like. In this tutorial, we will show you all the possible ways to save and download your videos from Instagram app on iPhone and iPhone Android.

How to download Instagram photos and videos with The best Instagram downloader tool in 2023

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Why you should use to save Instagram content offline vs other Instagram downloaders: A comparison

How to use on your PC, Mac, Android, or iOS device

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IGram video downloader is an online web app to down Instagram videos to your computer or mobile phone directly. you need to copy the Instagram URL/link and paste it in the above text box. Our Instagram video downloader will extract the Instagram to mp4. To download Instagram videos to MP4, just follow the instruction given below. or this site does not host any copyrighted material or support unauthorized file sharing, all the videos are saved directly from Instagram CDN.

By default, the downloaded files are stored in a default browser folder called "Downloads". This folder is usually stored in the "Documents" folder on your desktop device (Windows, macOS, Linux, and others)

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For that what we had done as a Digital Marketer & SEO Professional having 5+ years of experience in this field we had researched and analysed more than 1000 websites from which we had found one of the best resource for you from where you can download any instagram content for free.

The igram website works by using a script which is being used by most of the website which provides video downloading services to users and it's available mostly by codecanyon for $19 and then host the script on their website and with the help of the script and API the videos and photos got downloaded.

We all want to download our favourite Instagram celebrities video or some informative videos which we want to share with other people and then we search on the internet for the Instagram video downloader and the first result that come up is igram and that's the reason the website is getting more than 21 million traffic organically per month.

Igram online video downloader works by using API's of different social media platforms through which it make the videos available to download but the best part is that we don't host any of the videos in our website.

What are the problems a user is facing while using other Igram tools?Here are some potential risks that a user will be facing right now: Most of the tools that were available in the internet were only able to download videos from other social media platform they were only providing to download videos form on platform.

iGram is the most popular Instagram downloading tool website that helps Instagram user to save their photos and videos online without apps, directly from browser. You can use this website in your browser and paste Instagram link in the input box to start downloading. It's totally free Instagram downloader to save Instagram file in mp4 file format. Igram easily convert your Instagram file to downlaodable link.

Of course! It's amzing web tool that helps you to download from Instagram. So, You don't have to think anything. Just bookmark this page and save any photos/videos from Instagram.Is It fast Downloader for Instagram?iGram is really fast and easy to use downloader for Instagram. Use this downloader from any device.

Online Video Downloader by is an excellent service that helps to download quick free online videos or music. Don't need to install other software or apps, look for an online service that works for downloading online videos anymore.

We understand how relaxing it is to share experiences with friends or relatives on Instagram in the form of videos and photos. There are some times when we want to save videos from Instagram on mobile devices. Although Instagram does not allow users to download videos on their phones directly, there are many other methods to do the same.

You may find it confusing to opt for the right method as there are several procedures available online. This guide will go through different effective methods and learn about third-party Instagram video download apps.

There are a number of various ways to download Instagram videos on phone, PC, or Mac, some of which require at least a coding degree to understand. We've chosen two of the most simple and straightforward solutions to help you download IG videos, and we assure you won't need to know HTML or any sort of coding!

Downloader for Instagram is a convenient and user-friendly Chrome extension that simplifies the process of downloading Instagram videos. Whether you frequently download videos from Instagram or just occasionally, this extension can save you time and effort.

With the Downloader for Instagram extension, downloading Instagram videos has never been easier. It's a simple and convenient tool that can save you time and frustration. Give it a try today and start downloading your favorite Instagram videos with just one click!

This exclusive website allows users to download videos from Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels. Content creators and social media marketers highly prefer it as this assists in taking their business to the next level. Following are some steps that users can use to download videos through Inflact:

After this, the video will be downloaded. You can also download all of the videos from a profile using Inflact. Simply copy the profile's URL, put it into the section, and then click Download Entire Profile.

If you're looking to download Instagram videos on your desktop, is one of the top websites that can help. This is particularly useful if you run an online business and need to download customer review videos. Using a website like on your PC is a more efficient way to download videos. is a reliable and user-friendly website that many users have trusted as an easy and quick method for downloading Instagram videos. The only minor hurdle in the user flow is the extra confirmation step, but this can actually serve as a useful confirmation stage if you're downloading multiple videos from Instagram.

DownloadGram puts simplicity at the forefront of its design philosophy, foregoing flashy aesthetics in favor of a streamlined user experience. Upon opening the website, users are greeted with a clean and minimalist landing page featuring a single text box prompting them to enter the URL of the video source they wish to download.

Its commitment to user privacy and convenience sets DownloadGram apart from other download services. Unlike other sites requiring registration or bombarding users with intrusive ads, DownloadGram operates without these barriers.

This means that you can download as much content as you desire without having to worry about your personal information being shared or your browsing experience being disrupted. DownloadGram is a reliable and user-friendly solution for all your Instagram content downloading needs. is an excellent website that allows users to download Instagram videos to their computers effortlessly. Compared to IGRAM, Snap Insta provides a faster and more efficient experience. The site loads quickly, and downloading videos is made simpler with its user-friendly interface.

To download a video using Snap Insta, simply login to your Instagram account and navigate to the video post you want to download. Copy the video's URL and paste it into Snap Insta. After clicking the download button, confirm the video you wish to download by clicking on the download button again in the next step.

However, it is worth noting that the website features some access ads that can be a little annoying, requiring user interaction to close. Nonetheless, this minor inconvenience does not detract from the website's overall functionality, making it a highly recommended option for anyone seeking a fast and straightforward way to download Instagram videos.

Now that you have gone through each method, selecting the right app to download Instagram videos online must be confusing. You need to review and evaluate each app's features to check which one meets your needs and budget.

Well, Inflact is the best and the most profitable for businesses as it helps in downloading bulk videos easily. It also supports various operating systems like Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android. On the other hand, DownloadGram helps with downloading all types of Instagram reels, IGTV, Video posts, and photos. It is also available free of cost.


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