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The World Renowned Nose Pdf 79

The World Renowned Nose: A Satirical Tale by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer

The World Renowned Nose is a short story written by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, a prominent Malayalam writer and freedom fighter from India. The story was published in 1954 in an anthology of the same name. It is considered as a classic in Malayalam literature and a masterpiece of satire. [The World Renowned Nose]

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The story revolves around an illiterate cook named Kunjupathumma, whose nose starts to grow from the day he turns 24. His nose grows like an elephant's trunk and reaches his knees. He becomes a sensation in his village and attracts the attention of various people, such as doctors, journalists, politicians, and astrologers. They all try to exploit his nose for their own benefits and make him a celebrity. Kunjupathumma is naive and gullible and believes whatever they tell him. He starts to give opinions on international matters, such as the Cold War, the Korean War, and the Suez Canal Crisis, without having any knowledge or understanding of them. He also becomes rich and famous and marries a beautiful woman named Kunjulakshmi.

However, his fortune soon changes when his nose starts to shrink. He loses his fame, wealth, and wife and becomes an object of ridicule and pity. He realizes that he was fooled by everyone and that his nose was nothing but a curse. He returns to his humble life as a cook and wishes for his nose to become normal again.


The story is a brilliant satire on the society and its obsession with superficiality, sensationalism, and exploitation. Basheer uses humor and irony to expose the hypocrisy, greed, and ignorance of various sections of the society, such as the media, the politicians, the intellectuals, and the common people. He also criticizes the blind faith in astrology and superstition that prevails in the society. He shows how a simple man is manipulated and used by others for their own interests and how he loses his identity and dignity in the process. [Vaikom Muhammad Basheers: The World-Renowned Nose An Analysis]

The story also reflects Basheer's own experiences as a freedom fighter, a wanderer, and a prisoner. He had witnessed the atrocities of colonialism, fascism, and communism in his travels across India and abroad. He had also suffered from poverty, hunger, and torture in various jails. He had seen the plight of the common people who were oppressed by the powerful and exploited by the cunning. He had also observed the absurdity and futility of war and violence that plagued the world. He used his stories as a medium to express his views on these issues and to create awareness among his readers. [Vishwavikhyathamaya Mookku - Wikipedia]


The World Renowned Nose is a timeless story that is relevant even today. It is a story that makes us laugh and cry at the same time. It is a story that makes us think and question our own values and beliefs. It is a story that teaches us to be humble, honest, and compassionate. It is a story that reminds us of the importance of being ourselves and not being swayed by others.


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