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[[FREE<<<<]] India vs Afghanistan live video 11/10/2023

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Weather update from the ground Our reporter Aashin Prasad says the lights have been switched on at the ground due to dark clouds moving in. Very dark at the ground he says. AFG 80/5 in 14 overs Washington back into the attack. Full on the stumps, Naib misses the sweep, was probably going down leg. Four!! Naib sweeps one to the boundary for four. 5 wides! Down leg, Shahid misses the flick but it runs away to the boundary. AFG 70/5 in 13 overs Six!! Slightly full from Shahbaz and Shahid slog sweeps it for six. Shahbaz bowling wide away from the hitting arc now. Four!! Wide again, cut past third man for a boundary. Appeals for LBW but looks like it was spinning down leg. 11 from the over. Updated: Oct 07, 2023 15:01 IST India's Ravi Bishnoi celebrates with teammates after taking the wicket of Afghanistan's Afsar Khan Zazai during the Men's Gold Medal cricket match, at the 19th Asian Games, in Hangzhou, China. | Photo Credit: PTI India's Ravi Bishnoi celebrates with teammates after taking the wicket of Afghanistan's Afsar Khan Zazai during the Men's Gold Medal cricket match, at the 19th Asian Games, in Hangzhou, China. AFG 59/5 in 12 overs Bishnoi continues. Slightly short, Shahid punches off the backfoot for a single. Naib gets on on the pads, clips it to fine leg and completes a quick single. Six from the over. AFG 53/5 in 11 overs Shahbaz back in. Janat prods forward and drives to long off for a single. Beaten!! Janat is beaten on the outside edge by one that spins. Wicket!! The next one comes back in from Shahbaz and Janat is bowled. Karim Janat b Shahbaz Ahmed 1(5)Gulbadin Naib in at 7. AFG 50/4 in 10 overs Bishnoi continues. Two half chances in the first two balls. The first one dropping short of the fielder and the second looping over the in field. Wicket!! Bishnoi brings out the googly and Zazai has no clue. Sees the stumps rattle behind him. Zazai b Ravi Bishnoi 15(20) [4s-2]Karim Janat in at 6. AFG 109/5 in 18 overs Arshdeep back into the attack. Low fulltoss on the stumps, clipped upwards but falls short of the long on fielder. Slower yorker this time, batter does well to defend. In the blockhole again, pushed to long on for a single. Six!! Was a decent over from Arshdeep, but Naib lofts the yorker gone wrong over midwicket to finish with a six! AFG 98/5 in 17 overs Sai Kishore to continue despite the slight drizzle. Six!! Full and wide, Naib launches it over long on for six. Sai shortens the length this time, punched for a single to mid wicket. Naib goes for a big one again, but inside edges it to fine leg. Question all of you are looking for: What happens if the match doesn’t continue? ​Who wins Gold if the Asian Games 2023 Cricket Final between India and Afghanistan is called off? The India vs Afghanistan men’s cricket gold medal match at the 2023 Asian Games was interrupted by rain during the 19th over of the Afghanistan batting innings. ​ Weather update - 2:10 PM IST Aashin our reporter from the ground says the cut-off time for a game is 5:18 PM local time (2:48 PM IST). Local forecast predicts rain till 6 PM local (3:30 PM IST). Very high chances that the match will be called off. Weather update - 2 PM IST Looks like its still raining at the ground. Stay Tuned as we bring you more updates regarding the weather directly from our reporter on the ground. Turn and bounce on the last ball as Zazai is beaten outside off. AFG 27/3 in 6 overs Four!! Slightly short from Washington, pulled to the leg side by Zazai for a boundary. Four!! Short again, pulled to the boundary again. Continues to go slightly short, turned to fine leg for a single. Fuller this time, swept to the leg side sweeper for a single. 11 from the over. AFG 16/3 in 5 overs Sai Kishore into the attack. A runout opportunity at the non strikers end but the dive saves the batter. India vs Afghanistan Final Highlights, Asian Games 2023 3 days ago — IND vs AFG Final Live Updates: India crushed Bangladesh by nine wickets on Friday to set up a gold medal match against Afghanistan as they ...


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